Services for Commissioners

The EVOLVE service offering is based upon our Commission Ready Methodology and includes the following:


To allow you to assess and improve your commissioning capabilities and increase your chances of success, this service utilises our tried and tested diagnostic tools to provide:

  • Informative insights into your current practices
  • Best practice gap analysis
  • Opportunities and pathways to improve


The most important part of commissioning and an area often neglected is ensuring you know exactly what you want/expect from suppliers, especially in terms of outputs and outcomes and the value being offered. The identification of all the viable options and subsequent appraisal to select the preferred option can be somewhat daunting and time consuming but nonetheless it is essential if the commissioning is to succeed.

EVOLVE has the expertise and tools to carry out option/investment appraisals either independently or as an additional expert resource alongside your own staff.   At the end of the process, you will not only have identified the most suitable option, but also have the appraisal tools and methodology for the future.


Many existing and legacy contracts are considerably lacking in substance when it comes to holding suppliers to account for their performance and value for money. It is also a common misconception that nothing can be done if they are. This is not case and in many circumstances, suppliers are willing to negotiate new terms if it offers a better chance of them retaining (or even increasing) the business they do with you. We can help by:

  • Reviewing your existing contracts and identifying any areas of risk or where they can be substantively improved to your advantage
  • Reviewing any proposed contracts to ensure they contain adequate safeguards for the commissioning organisation and adequately hold the supplier accountable for the service value they provide


As budget pressures increase, commissioners are more and more looking to collaboration with other interested bodies to increase value and lower costs in the services being commissioned. However, many who have tried have attested, this is not a simple task. Many have found that differing priorities and constraints can lead to mistrust and a lack of openness. But it can be done and can reap considerable benefits. EVOLVE has already successfully helped a group of six commissioners to co-commission services all with very differing priorities.  We have proven methods and the skills to make this happen. Our service includes:

  • Acting as the independent and honest broker between all the parties involved
  • Project managing the commissioning process
  • Facilitating adequate communication between all parties
  • Developing the right service model to meet the needs of all
  • Undertaking negotiation with suppliers on behalf of the commissioning group
  • Managing the implementation process
  • Providing ongoing contract service management and fairly representing the interests of the group as a whole


Having the right ITT (Invitation to Tender) and commissioning process in the first place is essential for both commissioner and service providers alike.  Getting it wrong is not only wasteful, it can lead many misunderstandings between supplier and commissioner and even worse, to disastrous outcomes in the final service provided.  To ensure the ITT is fit for purpose and will yield the results you intended i.e. identifying a suitable supplier who can provide the service and outcomes you require at a price you can afford, EVOLVE can:

  • Help design your ITT
  • Review an existing ITT for any errors and omissions
  • Check service model and service reporting targets are adequately defined
  • Check all the correct financial information is requested and in a format that is meaningful and sufficient to enable a full and consistent assessment across all bidders


To ensure that your ITT is the best it can be, we can provide the services of an independent panel of experienced professionals who will assess the ITT for completeness and ensure it can deliver the right outcome. We will provide a detailed report of the findings together with recommendations where appropriate. The service is completely confidential and can be anonymised if you wish.