Services for Providers

EVOLVE‘s service offering is based upon our Bid-Ready Methodology and includes the following:


To allow you to assess and improve your bidding capabilities and increase your chances of success, this service utilises our tried and tested diagnostic tools to provide:

  • Informative insights into your current practices
  • Best practice gap analysis
  • Opportunities and pathways to improve


To ensure your bidding resources are focused on the right opportunities and offer the best chance of success, we can work with you to develop a clear strategy that:

  • Enables a focused approach reflecting your business priorities and aspirations
  • Leverages but does not stress your operational capabilities
  • Helps you find the right balance between the quality and quantity of bids you make


Complex and multi-lot tenders are now becoming far more common as commissioners seek to collaborate with other interested parties in order to reduce costs. This often leads to difficulty in responding among those less experienced in the field which, in turn, can often lead to lost bids and opportunities. We can help you navigate this process and avoid the common pitfalls in producing complex bid responses. Our service includes:

  • Developing a clear understanding of the tender requirements
  • Providing accurate financial modelling and pricing models for the response
  • The coordination across multiple partners/agencies for multi-agency bids
  • Designing and articulating the required service model(s)


Many bids fail at the first hurdle simply because the tender instructions were not followed closely enough. Others fail due to a lack of quality and sufficient detail in the response. We can help you avoid wasted effort and increase your chances of success by:

  • Sense checking your bid
  • Ensuring it is clear, concise and, most importantly, fulfils the criteria of the tender
  • Acting as your ‘critical friend’ and providing honest and constructive advice on you bid quality
  • De-risking the bid, not only reducing the chances of failure but ensuring you have taken all the necessary aspects into account and ensuring the bid represents good business for you
  • Providing the services of an independent commissioner panel who can assess the quality of your bid before submission (if required)


In the increasingly challenging world of service commissioning, good account management skills and processes are becoming key to winning new business, retaining existing business and improving funding. It is essential to maintain adequate contact with commissioners on a regular and ongoing basis in order to make sure they are aware of how well you are doing and the value you provide as well as what you can provide now and in the future. Top class account management will not only help manage existing contracts but it will enable you to keep a close eye on any new and emerging requirements thereby giving you head start when it comes to innovation and increasing your service offerings. We can help you develop your account management capability by:

  • Working with you to develop tailor-made best practice performance management and reporting capability to suit your organisation and services
  • Providing best practice methodologies for account management, including roles and responsibilities for the staff involved as well as the engagement of the whole organisation
  • Providing the tools and skills to enable your staff to develop in an account management role
  • Working with your management team at all levels to ensure the process is properly ‘bedded in’ and becomes part of ‘business as usual’.


Whatever the service being provided, it is vital that it reflects the needs of the service user, not only from the outset but, just as importantly, throughout the entire term of the contract. EVOLVE can help in both by engaging with users as part of the initial service design and providing ongoing/ad-hoc user feedback services. EVOLVE co-delivers these services in association with TONIC, who have considerable experience in this field and with the TONIC ENGAGE product can offer the following:

  • Independent insights and unbiased assessment of feedback
  • Access to and recruitment of service users and user-led groups
  • Consultation on service changes
  • Access to people in new areas when tendering
  • Gathering insights to inform service design and innovation